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Gosia Nagy

health & wellness coach

eat better · move more

sleep sounder · look greater 

live happier

- small practical habits

that change the big picture - 


Making it easy to create healthy habits to thrive



It is my passion to help you make healthy living easy for you, especially if you are busy, confused or just want to get the body that works for you.  

Unpredictable calendar, children, social responsibilities and a job in banking in London, followed by living in 6 different countries, moving homes every couple of years and travelling, have allowed me to learn how much difference small practical habits can make to help to be more productive and maintain wellbeing. 

I am here to help you to be in charge of your body through a customised approach based on realistic and practical nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, so you can enjoy greater productivity, health and happiness.  I love bringing healthy lifelong habits to the entire family including making better choices when traveling, on a busy schedule or packing your children's lunch every day. 

I am specialised in helping individuals finding their way to prioritise health and nutrition in an over-scheduled and hyper competitive environment and making it as easy as possible without being on a diet or depriving yourself. 

Your health and wellbeing is your most valuable asset to sustain in todays demanding world. I'll help you to be in charge of your health and well-being. You will be the healthiest person in the room and you will thrive, while enjoying your high-paced life.

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