Arriving and thriving -

be well from day one at your new destination 


Facing challenges after arriving in your new home country?

 Make the most of your time here from day one. 

Designed to support you in making most of being an expat or an expat's spouse. Get a firm base to start quickly and fully experience the benefits while tackling challenges with ease. 


This program is a mix of group online coaching and private coaching with plenty of language debunking and cultural aspects of being well   

You will:


  • Find your way around your food habits and requirements in restaurants and shop

  • adjust your wellness and health goals to Germany

  • boost your motivation to be well in Germany

  • make most of German approach to well being

  • arrange sourcing of food that you need with ease

  • discover what sports and where are available

  • make your time in Germany the healthiest you have ever been 

  • understand the healthcare system and how it best can serve you while you are here

  • learn to deal with challenges related to relocation


This is how it works:

Book Complementary Initial Consultation session  (app 60 mins)  - schedule the session at the time when you can have privacy and be uninterrupted. Once you have scheduled it, you will receive a questionnaire and you will need to fill it in and then send it back to me at least 24 hours before our session.  During this session we will discuss your current situation and your goals.  This is session is complementary  and commitment free !


The package consist of 4 group (max 8 people) sessions (90 minutes each) in Oberursel and an additional 60 minutes private session in person or via Skype.

You invest 600 Eur and enjoy life long results. 

Single boost session (if you need a top up after the program)

One-off  60 min session when you need some extra support  - 180 Eur

Ready to thrive from DAY ONE?

Treat yourself to a one-off Complementary Session.

Together we will explore your healthy and not-so-healthy habits, your health history and discuss your health & wellness goals.

Book NOW. Your wellness counts.

Gosia Nagy

health & wellness coach

- practical habits changing your life -

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