Maximise your results with minimum effort.

Small habits lead to significant results

Private Coaching

Tailored to your needs, most efficient way to establish your way of having the body that you want.


You don't need to be extreme, you just need to be consistent.

The approach:

Minimum Effort and Maximum Result - it takes a moment but it is worth for the economy of you effort to find the things that really will make a difference in how well you are. Sometimes one dietary adjustment, or extra 15 min of sport can result in major outcome.

Practicality and Pragmatism - it must be doable, it must be fitting into your current life and career and you should not spend your entire free time doing it.


Creating Habits - creating habits than then become your second nature, so you no longer have to be on a specific diet


Food craving -  are treated as symptoms of underlying cause. When you determine the root cause, you can address it , and when that's done, you no longer need the unhealthy food.


Crowding out  -  just imagine: your body is full of good food (with it sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins) and your taste butts have been through an orgy of  natural taste, your mind is occupied with doing things that bring you satisfaction and your heart is joyful. How much junk will you even fit into your being? Will there be space on you plate? In your mind ? You already have every thing you need or have I missed something? Fill up on the goodies and you will not even notice things that no longer serve you well.


Small changes and time - by improving little by little you have higher chances of making a permanent change without struggling. Patiently and consequently sticking to that change you will see results , most likely not overnight but it took years of bed habits to get you where you are, so give it some time to kick in.


Everybody is different - there is only one thing that works for everyone: real food! In my approach everyone is different and what works well for one person, may as well be harmful to the another. I help you to discover what is your best food and how to incorporate it into your life with little effort.


Food allergies and intolerances - if you have been diagnosed with problems digesting some foods, it may seem overwhelming at first. Making it easy and  practical you can have all the benefits of no longer eating what does not work for you and none of the stress arranging your new way of eating.


Dealing with stress - how we eat is greatly affected by how we deal with stress. Introducing simple techniques reducing the affect of stress, so you no longer seek comfort in your fridge.


Sleep and exercise - finding the right balance of rest and physical activity that fits into your life and works for your body and you enjoy!

Ready to look better and feel better?