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Gosia Nagy

health & wellness coach

Pragmatic wellness

meets reality

Private Coaching

Tailored to your needs, most efficient way to establish your way of having the body that you want.


Hi, I’m Gosia.

I am your expert in cultivating a maximum health + wellness lifestyle, matching it strategically to your life’s needs.


My simple recipe for lifelong well being is

  • Real nutrient-dense food

  • Pragmatism

  • A pinch of positive psychology + food psychology

  • A sprinkle with Ayurvedic principles

  • Top up with NLP and stress management techniques

  • Optionally add cooking skills and tips or advise on confident choices when eating out

  • Unlimited common sense

  • Lifestyle adjustments

  • Balancing relaxation and intensity of physical activity activity


But I have not always lived like that.

Physical activity has been my priority, even pushed my body to serve me when I met my boundaries and my body was protesting. I followed a healthy diet, but still  wanted more: to achieve maximum health and wellbeing.


At the same time, my husband and me were natural high achievers and worked on our careers in finance. Of course this lifestyle was demanding, too. So my mission to cultivate the maximum health + wellness lifestyle coincided with another move to a new country, my husband's job raising his already hectic schedule and my daughter's difficulties with adapting to the new environment. With a lot of extra stress, I insisted on my body  performance and focused on my diet.


I did not listen to my body, I did not listen to "me".

I brought my body into a horrible state: backache, depression, weekly migraines, knee problems, digestive issues, umbilical hernia 5 years after pregnancy, no appetite for food, life or social interaction, getting common cold all the time - the list is long. At some point I even could not sit at the dinner table anymore, I did not taste the food, I was no longer looking forward to anything, and the medications I was on did not seem to have any effect. 


This was the point when I decided, that something had to change.


I changed my life, the way I view food and my emotions related to wellbeing. I systemised my knowledge by getting certified at the Integrative Institute for Nutrition (NYC) and absorbed everything I could find to deepen my knowledge in related fields.


Now I understand that food + nutrition is just a part of overall well-being– even though a very essential one - but also how other factors like stress, physical activity, mindset and emotions, professional career, relationships and spirituality affect how we eat, and what we crave. My approach is holistic: Feeding you mind + soul and listening to your body. It is not about being on a perfect diet, but finding the sweet spot, where the efforts that you are willing to do, yield the results that you desire.


It is not about running a marathon once in a while, but taking a 15 min walk everyday. It is not about giving up who you are. It is about adding good habits, better choices right where you are, with little effort over a period of time and building your individual maximum of health and wellbeing consciously and gradually into your life.


I did, so can you!


I am your expert helping you to crowd out what is not serving you by introducing you to new ways of looking at your plate, at your overall fitness and your unique lifestyle needs. I will provide you with information + inspiration, as well as with ideas + efficient tools to cultivate your individual way of being the healthiest version of yourself matching your lifestyle needs.


Lets start with a one-off Complementary Session

find out how I can help you.

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