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Private Coaching


Tailored to your needs, most efficient way to establish your way of having the body that you want.

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Private Coaching

Tailored to your needs.

The most efficient way to establish your way of having the body that you want.


Ready for your body to be how you want it ?

But need motivation ?

A roadmap ? 

The most efficient way to get it ?

Designed to your level of support, and accountability working one-on-one.  Great for those looking to be in charge of their body,  lose weight, have more energy,  eat healthier and feel better through sustainable dietary, nutritional and lifestyle changes,  that fit into your life and work schedule wherever you are.


Let me guide you step by step to:


  • Define your well being goals and create a plant to achieve them

  • No dieting, no deprivation and home cooking is optional (!) but included and made easy

  • Discover your motivation 

  • Listen to your body and crave healthy foods - TRULY!

  • Discover the true cause of your cravings

  • Remedy common complaints (beer belly, digestive issues, heartburn, bloating, low energy, headaches)

  • Maximize your effort in doing sports by doing the right sports for you at the right intensity to get your fittest body ever

  • Determine what is your biggest "food issue" (food allergies and intolerances, minerals or vitamins deficiencies, overeating, stress, poor sleep etc.)

  • Develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will become your second nature


This is how it works:

Book complementary Initial Consultation (app 60 mins)  - During this session we will discuss your current situation and your goals ****. Please schedule the session at the time when you can have privacy and be uninterrupted. Once you have scheduled it, you will receive a questionnaire and you will need to fill it in and then send it back to me at least 24 hours before our session.   This session is complementary for limited time only!


3 month program = 6 sessions

We will meet every 2 weeks. Each session is 55 minutes via Zoom


You will:

- have all my attention during our sessions

- receive information and strategies that are relevant to your situation so you use your time efficiently

- be able to decide for yourself how good you want to feel and look

You invest   997 GBP and enjoy life long results. 

Single boost session

One-off  60 min session when you need some extra support - 197 GBP

Ready to look better and feel better?

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