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Supporting female hormonal balance with seeds cycling.

Seed cycling is a natural remedy that involves incorporating specific seeds into your diet during different phases of your menstrual cycle to support hormonal balance. It is often used by individuals looking to regulate their menstrual cycles, alleviate PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms, and improve overall hormonal health.

The basic idea behind seed cycling is that different seeds are rich in certain nutrients that can help support estrogen and progesterone levels harmony during the two main phases of the menstrual cycle: the follicular phase (the first half of the cycle) and the luteal phase (the second half of the cycle).

Here's a general breakdown of how seed cycling typically works:

  1. Follicular Phase (Days 1-14): During the first half of your menstrual cycle (from the start of your period until ovulation), it is recommended to consume flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds. These seeds are believed to help support estrogen production and balance.

  2. Luteal Phase (Days 15-28): During the second half of your menstrual cycle (from ovulation until your next period), it is recommended to switch to sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. These seeds are thought to support progesterone production and balance.

  3. For women who don't have a cycle stick to moon phases : day 1-14 would be equivalent from new moon to full moon and day 15-28 from full moon to new moon.

The idea is to grind these seeds freshly but lest be practical and grinding them once a week or buying already ground is also ok and consume them daily, either sprinkled on foods, mixed into smoothies, or incorporated into recipes. It's important to note that while some people claim to experience benefits from seed cycling, scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness is limited. Individual experiences with seed cycling can vary, and it may not work for everyone.

I personally see how the seed cycling gives your body a monthly rhythm and given how sensitive out hormonal system is , this may be giving your body the input it needs to be balance hormonally .

If you' specific concerns about your hormonal health, please consult a healthcare professional.

Let me know what results have been possible for you with method.


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